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EuropeanHHM aims to serve its subscriber-base with premium, latest & reliable healthcare industry content primarily from the European region. Editorials in EuropeanHHM covers news, insights, expert views and updates relating to patient care, AI/ML applications, technology advancements in facilities & devices, analytical and supply-chain trends.

We strive to keep the content as engrossing & relevant as possible, adding more value to the reader's time. Since the articles and overall industry reporting is simplistic yet trending we boast on our wide-ranging appeal and impact.

Emerging as an ideal networking platform we are an potent place for industry players who are looking for deep-reach marketing and sales augmenting programs.

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European Hospital and Healthcare Management Circulation:

Key Job Titles

 C-Level Business Management Crucial HCP
  • Chairman
  • President
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Scientific Officer
  • Vice President
  • Executive Director
  • Managing Director
  • Administrator
  • Senior Advisors



  • Clinicians
  • Physicians
  • Technicians
  • Healthcare Admins




 Head of the Department Specialists  
  • Head of Radiology
  • Head of Cardiology
  • Head of Oncology
  • Head of Mammography
  • Head of Fluoroscopy
  • Head of Radiography
  • Head of Anaesthesiology
  • Head of Diabetes
  • Head of Clinical Research
  • Head of Information Technology
  • Head of Intensive Care Unit
  • Head of Marketing
  • Heads of all the healthcare disciplines
  • Specialists in Radiology
  • Specialists in Cardiology
  • Specialists in Oncology
  • Specialists in Mammography
  • Specialist in Fluoroscopy
  • Specialist in Radiography
  • Specialists in Anaesthesiology
  • Specialists in Healthcare IT
  • Specialists in all the Disciplines
  • Professors in all the medical sciences departments



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